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Julva Trial/Travel Pack ($15.95)

Julva Trial/Travel Pack ($15.95)


I have spent over two decades caring for women and many long years creating and perfecting Julva®. It is an anti-aging vulvar cream that will help rejuvenate your vulva and pelvic floor, and will help with vaginal dryness, embarrassing leaks, orgasm and sensation!!!
I know that stress, grief and aging can leave us dry and rarely turned on. It can take a lot longer to get in the mood if at all. And if intimate, sometimes the “after glow” comes with an “after-whoa”.
Many women are left feeling less attractive and less feminine. As if their bodies were betraying them.
Even worse, the symptoms take a toll on their relationships.
If you’ve been silently suffering with:

  • Feeling dry as a desert down there
  • Difficulties with getting turned on or even getting started
  • Avoiding sex because of the discomfort
  • Loss of sexual confidence and libido

You don’t have to feel like you need to “just deal with the suffering” or “get over it” anymore!

All it means is that your vulva needs some targeted and transformative anti-aging support.
As I discovered in my research and travels around the world, there are natural, safe ingredients that can slow down, even REVERSE this aging process.  And I put the very best ones into Julva.  

As I discovered in my research and travels around the world, there are natural, safe ingredients that can slow down, even REVERSE this aging process.  And I put the very best ones into Julva. 


“It is true, I am about to cry...the first time in a while, I feel so good.  Everything feels better. Especially in your married life, the intercourse...the sex very important.  So (Julva) is very good.  It is a good product, and I thank you very much!” - Jasmine

"My Julva cream is absolutely saving my marriage."  - Samantha

"I started using it two weeks ago...after two weeks it was like everything changed.  My husband was shocked and wanted to know what I was doing because he went from a dry desert to a lush oasis!...Then he wanted to know if we could order it in a 55-gallon drum because he never wants me to run out!! It's pretty exciting to have that drastic of a change!" - Mindy

“It’s like caffeine for the vagina! Wake up call! I use just a dab about 20 minutes or so before I enjoy my husband and WOWZA…my orgasms are so much more intense!” - Natalie


You can keep hoping andd wishing that your symptoms will go away...
You may be thinking you can put up with the frustration and agony of sexual dysfunction…and keep languishing in your sex-less relationships. Possibly you’ve said to yourself: “Maybe he doesn’t notice”, “It’s just normal for our age”, “This is all that I can expect at my age”, or, “My friends seem to be dealing with it”. And the list goes on.  I’ve heard it all.  
A better next "right step" is to take charge of your feminine health, continue with Julva® and rejuvenate and restore the health of your vulva…and get the relief and satisfaction you deserve.

Don't you deserve the best life possible? 

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United States

This is what I was looking for.

It was easy to use and created comfort around the vaginal area that was needed. Also I did not want to stay on Premarin Vag.cream very long for this problem. It was inconvienant & did not work for me anyway. I'm glad I found Dr.Anna's Julva after searching awhile for a solution. Thanks to Dr.Anna for doing the research that was needed for this product ! ps. I'm an ob/gyn R.N.

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