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Detox Bundle for Early Year

Detox Bundle for Early Year

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Keto-Alkaline Protein Shake is a comprehensive, fructose-free, low-allergy–potential dietary supplement designed to support gastrointestinal (GI) function, balanced detoxification, and a normal, healthy response to inflammation.

Dr. Anna Cabeca recommends this as part of a balanced Cleanse or Detox program or as a daily protein shake and meal replacement.  It has boosted nutrients for intestinal health and is very well tolerated.

It features Vegan Protein Blend. Vida Pura’s proprietary amino acid and pea/rice protein blend; Aminogen®, to facilitate protein absorption; phytonutrients; mineral amino acid chelates; and activated B vitamins, including Quatrefolic®† and methylcobalamin.

In conjunction with a modified elimination diet, Keto-Alkaline Protein Shake addresses GI and hepatic function as well as eicosanoid balance and cytokine metabolism. This formula is suitable for vegans.*

Sugar and Stevia Free

 Makes a delicious shake on it's own or add it to your favorite recipes!

Keto-Alkaline Detox Support is a convenient, cost-effective, unique, powerful formula delivering potent levels of ingredients formulated to promote balanced activity between Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification processes. Pura D Sustain should be used as part of an overall detoxification protocol that supplies adequate high quality protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber.

120 capsules

Keto-Alkaline Weight Loss Solution Urinalysis Test Strips

Testing not guessing is key to weight loss success; especially in menopause and over the age of 40.

Dr. Anna created these test strips to help you check your progress and discerns what keeps you:

  • Fat Burning (Ketosis)
  • Detoxing (Alkaline)

She found this to be key to healthy fat loss, stable moods and balanced hormones.

What are ketones? Fixed ketones are not normally found in the urine.  They are by products of fat metabolism. They can form when a person does not eat enough carbohydrates (for example, in cases of starvation or high-protein diets, such as ketogenic and paleo) or when a person's body cannot use carbohydrates properly. When carbohydrates are not available, the body metabolizes fat instead to get the energy it needs to keep functioning! Urine ketones can be an initial discerning tool to let you know you’re on the right track to fat loss.

Why check urine pH?  pH is a measurement of our acid-alkaline balance.  The kidneys play an important role in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance of the body. Therefore, any condition that produces acids or bases in the body such as acidosis or alkalosis, or the ingestion of acidic or basic foods, can directly affect urine pH. Diet can be used to modify urine pH. A high-protein diet or consuming cranberries will make the urine more acidic. A vegetarian diet, and the ingestion of citrus fruits and other alkaline foods, like maca, will tend to make the urine more alkaline. pH in blood is very stable. PH in the urine can be a clue to discovery about our health. Stress can be contributor to a low pH.





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