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Vida Pura DHEA 50mg  (men)

Vida Pura DHEA 50mg (men)

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    • stimulates fat burning, reduces abdominal fat storage
    • increases metabolic rate through the stimulation of thermogenesis and by supporting the lean body mass
    • reduces insulin resistance
    • reduces the stress hormone cortisol and reduces some of its catabolic effects onbone and muscle
    • reduces the side-effects from corticosteroid therapy
    • enhances female libido
    • supports erectile function through improved nitric oxide levels and facilitatedtestosterone binding to albumin
    • increases epidermal thickness and hydration, sebum production, decreases facial skin pigmentation
    • improves immune response to infections and reverses its age-related decline
    • may reduce the severity of auto-immune diseases such as lupus, arthritis, psoriasis
    • alleviates allergies
    • improves the sense of well being and reduces certain types of depressions
    • has a mental stimulating effect (counteracts the inhibitory effects of GABA neurotransmitter)
    • reduces hot flashes,supports vaginal tissue
    • supports bone health1
    • sense of well being, libido
    • restores declining IGF-1 levels
    • corrects age related changes in immune system, skin, bone & muscle strength and sexual health.
    • may alleviate chronic fatigue
    • has a mild blood thinning effect

The BLATM System

BLATM stands for Bio-Available Lymphatic Absorption. The BLATM system represents Dr. Anna Cabeca's proprietary method used to prepare her formulations. Dr. Anna Cabeca's tablets begin with natural hormones derived from yam sources into natural hormones. Natural hormones are identical to what your body produces. Ingredients included in the BLATM system (in addition to the active ingredient) include binding and flow agents. All materials in her tablets are gluten free, contain all natural ingredients and do not contain dyes. For a discussion about the science behind the BLATM System refer to The Science of Lymphatic Absorption below. 

The Benefits of Dr. Anna Cabeca's Tablets

There are many conveniences associated with Dr. Anna Cabeca's tablets when compared to other BHRT or Andropause dose forms. Creams and Gels can be messy, time consuming, inconsistently applied and spread by direct contact to loved ones who don't need a dose of your hormones. They may be rubbed off your skin or on to your clothes resulting in a partial loss of the needed dose.

Dissolvable dose forms like sublingual tablets and troches are limited by their size and often have a bitter taste. To some extent the' juice' formed when dissolving is swallowed and the drug is not absorbed orally. This results in loss of some of the dose. When a sublingual dose dissolves too rapidly part of the dose may also be lost by swallowing. 

Oral capsules compounded for BHRT or Andropause are involved in the "first pass affect" which means the dose is not adequate or metabolized to ineffective or inadequate metabolites. Dr. Anna Cabeca's oral tablet formulation avoids the "first-pass affect" due to lymphatic absorption.

Dr. Anna recommends for men to start at 1/2 to 1 tablet daily.  Most people do better taking it in the a.m. and others p.m.  Adjust to your bodies response. Rarely is this formula needed at higher dosages.

Serum DHEA-S levels for men are optimal in the 250-350 range.

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